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Buying a Business

Avondale is renowned for its strategic insight, first class research capabilities and unrivalled market access. Together they form the bedrock for one of the most highly regarded SME acquisitions services available.

Our proven methodology, honed over 25 years, identifies the right acquisition for your requirements. You will work with one of our most experienced lead advisers, backed by a comprehensive research and marketing team.  Our process will identify both active and hidden sellers. Through our business intelligence resources and our relationships in the M&A community, we will leave no stone unturned in finding the right acquisition match to fuel your competitive advantage.

Throughout all negotiations you will have one of our most senior negotiators and strategists at your side, ensuring that you have 25 years of deal experience at your fingertips.  Our acquisition integration service ensure you reap maximum return from your investment and that the new company is seamlessly integrated into your organisation and strategy.

Ensuring that you derive every benefit gained through acquisition is vitally important. Our team of highly experienced business strategists can create a bespoke integration programme that brings your businesses together to create sustainable competitive advantage. 

Specially negotiated rates for IoD members:

  • 10% discount on all fees
  • Free strategy meeting
  • Confidential advice line

Learn more - read Avondale's Free Guides, including "Successful Acquisitions".

Stuart Black, Executive Chairman of Lakehouse comments: "We're thrilled to be able to incorporate a highly-respected business like Foster Property Maintenance into Lakehouse. Avondale clearly understood our goals and identified FPM as a perfect strategic fit."


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