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Business Valuations

Avondale provide detailed and accurate business and company valuation analysis

Avondale provide detailed and accurate company and business valuation analysis reports for buy-outs, exits, fund raising, negotiations, tax planning, strategic growth planning, arbitration, divorce, disputes and value build gap analysis.

Having carried out thousands of large and small business valuations, Avondale are masters in the art of accurately valuing companies. Valuing all or part of a business requires a thorough understanding and analysis of complex factors. Avondale use a variety of techniques in deriving realistic and precise business values. We use comparative analysis, financial modelling and judgment based on decades of experience. A quality valuation report and analysis creates a clear foundation for you to work against enabling you to make effective strategic decisions and ensuring the success of your project.

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  • 10 per cent discount on all fees
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  • Free initial business valuation
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Why not read our free guide, “Selling a business at maximum value” for further information.

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